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ZENITHERM RADIATOR with integral valve.

STRUCTURE OF A CUSTOM MADE RADIATORThe model with integral valve offers advantages both on look (valve and joint are not visible so harmony of the radiator is not compromised) and on installation (rapid and simple to be installed, it helps saving a lot of time).


Integral ZENITHERM models are provided with Oventrop valve which allows to regulate the flow of hot water entering the radiator. Most popular thermostatic heads can be installed. The radiator keeps unchanged heat outputs.

Integral Zenitherm can be installed both in mono and bi-tube systems. In model 10 and 11 the valve is at right and the hanging lugs are on back. Models 21, 22, 23 can be fitted at right or left side because they have no hanging lugs and need special support brackets.

All ZENITH products
are certificated according to European rules
Certificato EN442 - European Norm
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